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Prime minister julia gillard(australia) muslims who want to live under islamic sharia law were told on wednesday to get out of australia. Canada’s stealth muslim prime minister, justin trudeau, will end all military action against isis and use canadian military bases to house as many as 50,000 muslim invaders every year. Claim: rep debbie dingell is introducing a bill that would lead to widespread gun confiscations. A video documenting canadian prime minister justin trudeaursquos visit to a mosque in canada has recently emerged, showing him joining muslim.

Viktor orban says history of ottoman rule means hungarians will not accept large-scale muslim immigration. Canada's justin trudeau has a history of courting muslim voters through flirtations with islamic fundamentalism.

Statements falsely attributed to australia prime minister julia gillard advise muslim immigrants to learn english and adapt to australian culture or leave. Turkish prime minister demands muslims to unite with palestinian cause || news today binali yildirim calls on world’s muslims to.

On 17 october 2016, the world head of the ahmadiyya muslim community, the fifth khalifa (caliph), his holiness, hazrat mirza masroor ahmad was received by the prime minister of canada, rt hon, justin trudeau at the prime minister’s office in ottawa during the meeting, prime minister trudeau. Message of canadian prime minster to muslims محمد أشرف. President trump got on the wrong side of britain's prime minister and others on wednesday by retweeting videos from an ultra-nationalist group that targets muslims. Romania could have its first female prime minister, an economist who is a member of the country's small muslim community romanian president klaus iohannis said on thursday he would appoint a prime minister designate after sunday as he needed time to assess a proposal made by the social democrat party (psd), the winners of a december 11.

India did not have any prime minister from muslim community (1947-2011) however mr manmohansingh (sikh) and rajiv gandhi (converted christian) were minority pm's of.

Ethiopia will have a muslim prime minister by close of this week according to a pro-government blogger, daniel berhane the 180-member council of the ruling ethiopia peoples revolutionary democratic front (eprdf) is currently meeting to review its activities and to elect a new prime minister. Romania set for first female, and first muslim, prime minister image she will be both the first muslim and the first woman to hold the post. Pew research center estimates that there were about 33 million muslims of all ages living in the united states in 2015 this means that muslims made up about. Both prime minister david cameron and london's new muslim mayor have derided trump's policy ideas, and the billionaire is offended.

The quran, the last revealed word of god, is the prime source of every muslim's faith and practice it deals with all the subjects which concern us as human beings: wisdom, doctrine, worship, and law, but its basic theme is. Hungarian prime minister viktor orban said, we do not want a large number of muslim people in our country.

Prim muslim
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